This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Book Review: Dominated by a Duende by R.R. AquinaDominated by a Duende by R.R. Aquina
on February 27, 2014
Genres: Erotica
Amazon two-stars
Ever since Thea was a little girl, she had always enjoyed playing rough with the boys. Now 18 and ever so insatiable, Thea returns to her childhood home to help her ailing grandmother. While her need for pain was never quite satisfied by any of her male lovers, Thea encounters a most peculiar supernatural creature that takes her by surprise.

*This is a supernatural Filipino erotica with adult language and adult content.

Due to a side project a couple of years back, I was looking for erotic reads featuring Filipino folklore and stumbled upon the work of R.R. Aquina, who has two shorts on Amazon, Dominated by a Duende and The Kapre’s Kiss. I was immediately intrigued, but put off by the high price point on the stories: they were 15 pages apiece and available for Kindle at $2.99 each, which frankly seemed too steep a price to pay for curiosity.

Then earlier this month I decided to give Kindle Unlimited a try, and I found that both titles were available via the subscription service. I wasted  no time in adding both to my bookshelf. I believe it took me about 15 minutes or less to read Dominated by a Duende, and I found myself quite entertained for that entire quarter of an hour.

Sure, the story was simplistic, but that was to be expected in a story as short as this one. I liked the fact that the author did include a working story line in it, so this actually was an erotic short rather than porn on a page. And there was some styling in the writing as well. Case in point, here are a couple of lines from a sex scene in which the main character goes down on her human lover:

Thea’s head bobbed up and down in a rhythmic movement as if she was listening to music. And Marco was moaning like he was singing a song.

All right, so it’s not exactly literary opus material, but I appreciated the effort at romanticizing the sex in a non-romantic erotic read. Once the duende got involved, though, I have to say that I couldn’t help grinning and giggling as I read. For one thing, such a small supernatural is hardly your idea of erotic studliness, especially when you add in the fact that Aquina’s had white hair and a long beard. Pairing him with a nubile debutante might’ve been disturbing had I not found it so downright hilarious. So while the erotic element just didn’t work for me (I think I was just laughing too hard), I can’t say I wasn’t entertained. This quote really did it for me:

He may look like a two-foot old man, but he fucked her like a young stud with a big cock.

Was this a great erotic read? No. But it was a hell of a lot of fun, and I probably would’ve three-starred it if not for the price point. I cannot in any way justify shelling out $2.99 for this. But if the author were to write maybe 10 of these shorts and compile them into one volume, I would definitely consider giving it a buy. And while I haven’t decided if I want to renew my Kindle Unlimited, as long as I’m on it, I’m definitely giving The Kapre’s Kiss a read.


Feel Factor Rating:laugh-factor3



About R.R. Aquina

R.R. Aquina is a Filipino-American erotica writer who has always been fascinated by the culture and mythical legends of the Philippines. Her stories incorporate such themes in an erotic setting.