Wondering how I rate my reads? Will Read for Feels has two types of ratings, one for my general experience of a book and another for the feels the book gave my.

General Rating:

5 Stars

A book that merits 5 stars is something I absolutely loved, to the point where I became an instant fan of the author and was inspired to purchase other works or even special editions of the same book based on my enjoyment of this book alone, but I would also recommend this as a must-read to anyone who is even mildly interested in the plot points or genre.

4 Stars

A book earns 4 stars if I enjoyed it so much I would be willing to read the book—or parts of it, at least—again and would certainly recommend it to someone who was a fan of the genre or trope represented in the book. A 4-star book is something that would have me think hard about (and likely give in to) buying the next book in a series, as well as take a look at other books penned by the author.

3 Stars

A 3-star book is something I enjoyed and would recommend to others but probably would not read again. While 3-star books are certainly worth the cost, subsequent purchases or reads would depend more on plot description or mild curiosity as to what happens next rather than active fandom. This rating may also be given to a book whose merits I can see and which I enjoyed, but because of personal preferences didn’t warrant my personal fandom.

2 Stars

I would give only 2 stars to a book that disappointed me or that I felt lukewarm about. Perhaps it wasn’t worth the amount paid for it or maybe a promising concept, plot description, or prequel fell flat and was not able to recover. This rating is one I’d also give to a book I personally did not enjoy, but might still appeal to a different audience.

1 Star

A 1-star review is something I actively disliked, even hated. Not only did I feel it a waste of any amount of time or money spent on the book, but I would go out and tell people not to read it because my entire experience of the book was completely negative. Note that I rarely post 1-star reviews because so many of the books that warrant this rating are DNFs (did not finish) for me, and I don’t really like to review books I never got to the end of, as I feel like not finishing prevents me from gaining a good perspective.


Feel  Factors:

adrenaline-factorAdrenaline Factor

A score of 1 on the Adrenaline Factor means that the action in the book was exciting enough to keep me turning pages. A score of 5 means a book really got my blood pumping, and I could barely turn pages fast enough because I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next.

fan-factorFan Factor

A score of 1 on the Fan Factor means I have read other books in the same series or other books by this author and would rate a number of them 4 or higher. A score of 5 means I have an outright bias toward this author and I would buy any book with the author’s name on its cover.

fear-factorFear Factor

A score of 1 on the Fear Factor means this book left me a bit disturbed. A score of 5 means I was absolutely creeped out and possibly left unable to go to sleep the night I read it.

intrigue-factorIntrigue Factor

A score of 1 on the Intrigue Factor means there was a mystery or some sort of puzzle in the novel that had to be solved, but it was fairly easy or predictable. A score of 5 means this was complex enough that I was tempted to skip to the end just so I could get rid of the butterflies in my stomach that plagued me as a direct result of not knowing the answers.

laugh-factorLaugh Factor

A score of 1 on the Laugh Factor means this book had me chuckling aloud at certain points. A score of 5 means I was all but rolling on the floor; it’s possible I had to put the book down to avoid embarrassing myself in public.

rage-factorRage Factor

A score of 1 on the Rage Factor means that I was annoyed or offended by something or someone or some idea in the book. A score of 5 means I may have been tempted to commit the ultimate sin of book burning.

shock-factorShock Factor

A score of 1 on the Shock Factor means the book featured a plot twist that left me feeling vaguely surprised. A score of 5 means the twist came hard and fast and left me shaken, much like a train wreck or a tornado.

steam-factorSteam Factor

A score of 1 on the Steam Factor means the book featured racy scenes that made me vaguely embarrassed about reading them in public. A score of 5 meant the book left me hot and bothered and has scenes so explicit, I’d only recommend it for those aged 18 and above.

swoon-factorSwoon Factor

A score of 1 on the Swoon Factor (also called the Kilig Factor, for Filipinos reading this) means I was tickled by something romantic that happened in the book. Or maybe I found a character book boyfriend-worthy. A score of 5 means my inner romantic was just totally giggling throughout the novel, and it’s possible a character made it to our fictional Freebie Fives.

tear-factorTear Factor

A score of 1 on the Tear Factor means the book tugged at heart strings and maybe had me blinking away tears. A score of 5 means it left us absolutely shattered; reading with tissue on hand is advised

wtf-factor-trueWTF Factor

A score of 1 on the WTF Factor means the book had some points that were kind of hard to understand. A score of 5 means it left us absolutely mystified and we really could not understand why the author would have written things out that way.

yawn-factorYawn Factor

A score of 1 on the Yawn Factor means there are probably some parts of this book I could have skipped without any regret. A score of 5 means I was just bored all the way through.